How to use silicone impression material
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How to use silicone impression material

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How to use silicone impression material

(Summary description)


Flusil Putty / Flusil Light Body

A-silicone Impression Material


A-silicone Impression MaterialFlusilPutty & Light Bodyis silicone-based impression materials for use in dentistry.


Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions.


Polyvinylsiloxane, hydrogen polysiloxanes, silica, platinum catalyst, pigments, menthe flavor, filler.

Technical Date



Times refer to normal room temperature (72/ 23and a normal relative humidity of air (50%).


Impression tray

Choose the rigid stock or individual tray for your patient. To get better adhesion to metal or plastic trays, a tray adhesive is allowed.

Mixing of the materials


Mix equal parts in volume of base paste and catalyst paste at room temperature. Take the base paste with the blue spoon and the catalyst paste with the white spoon. Knead the components quickly with the fingertips for at least 30 seconds until the colour is homogeneous. Close jars immediately after use. Don’t interchange caps of jars.Instructions for use (English) May 2013

Flusil Light Body


Automix: Flusil Light Body is automatically dispensed and mixed when extruding the two components out of the mixing tip. When using a new cartridge, remove and discard the cap. Attach the mixing tip and, if need be, an Intraoral-Tip to the cartridge. Leave the used mixing tip on the cartridge after use. It serves as a cap until next use.

Impression Taking

Ordinarily Technique

The tray is loaded with Flusil Putty and introduced into the mouth within working time. The position must be kept in the mouth for the recommended time. Flusil Light Body is applied directly onto the tray and/or the teeth. The tray is inserted in the mouth within working time and removed after the material has set. Intraoral-tips are included for direct, intrasulcular application around the preparation.

One step Technique

The tray is loaded with Flusil Putty. While the tray is being loaded by the assistant, the dentist can begin to syringe the preparations with FlusilLigth Body meanwhile. Loading of the tray and syringing should be completed at the same time. Position the loaded tray in the mouth and take the impression. After setting, the tray can be talked out off the mouth.

Remove the tray

Remove the impression parallel to the longitudinal axis of the prepared teeth. After remove the tray, thoroughly clean with running water and dry the impression.


The impression material must be disinfected immediately after take from the mouth. Recommend is the use of a 2% glutaraldehyde solution. Please ensure that the used disinfectant is indicated for the use with addition curing silicone impression material. After removal from the mouth, clean impression under the running water. Leave the impression in the disinfecting solution for about 10 to 15 minutes. Finally rinse off the disinfection solution under the running water again. After 30 minutes, die stone models may be poured at the earliest. We recommend using special die stone models (ISO 6873, Type 3 or Type 4).

Storage of the impression

Store impression at normal room temperature (max 78 /25). The impression is stable and can be poured even after months without loss of accuracy.


Store and use in dry location at room temperature not exceeding 78 /25. We Instructions for use (English) May 2013 recommend not storing material in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

Please Note

·Close jars immediately after use paste. Don’t interchange caps of jars.

·Don’t wear latex gloves when mixing and kneading the material. If you had contact with latex gloves before mixing, wash your hands thoroughly. The use of PVC or PE gloves is recommended.

·Before the first time use of Flusil Light Body, need to make the material extrusion amount, until the two-component mixing head at the same time by extrusion.

·Allergic caution in the use of Flusil.

·Keep out of the children. For dental use only.

·Higher temperatures shorten, lower temperatures increase working time.

·Never allow the impression to come into contact with organic solutions or liquids containing same as this may result in swelling of the material and therefore may lead to inaccuracies.

·Ordinarily Technique and One step Technique is either-or method.

·Don’t use Flusil together with condensation curing or polyether type impression materials.

·Don’t use after expiration date.


Flusil Putty, Type 0 : Putty consistency

Flusil Light Body, Type 3: Light Body consistency


Flusil Putty

2 jars @400g paste

Flusil Light Body

1 tubes @50ml paste or 2 tubes @50ml paste


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